Die aktuellen Benchmarking Testsieger im Vergleich:

10. PassMark PerformanceTest

PassMark PerformanceTest
  • Find out if your device is performing at its best
  • Select from a wide range of standard benchmark tests
  • Compare the performance of your device to similar devices
  • Measure the effect of configuration changes and upgrades
  • Make objective independent measurements on which to base your purchasing decision
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19. Epic Citadel (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Epic Citadel (Kindle Tablet Edition)
  • Enjoy amazing visuals as you explore the stunning Epic Citadel kingdom grounds!
  • Measure the performance of your Kindle device. Benchmarking Mode includes summary readouts with frames per second, screen resolution and quality setting details.
  • Experience high-end Unreal Engine graphics for mobile! Realistic lighting, pretty reflections, dynamic movement of trees and banners, and filmic effects all bring the world of Epic Citadel to life.
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